Best Marketing Tools and Techniques

June 16, 2023
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Best Marketing Tools and Techniques

The company that has the best marketing tools is the most likely to succeed. It’s that simple. The right tech stack reduces the time spent on tedious, time-consuming tasks and encourages consistent growth. It also ensures that you stay ahead of the competition. But what are the top marketing tools, and what can they do for your business?
What are Marketing Tools?

In basic terms, a marketing tool can be anything from a piece of software to a technique or a strategy. Good online marketing tools are designed to contribute to increasing the sales of a business. Whether this happens via streamlining your marketing team or allowing you to improve your marketing game depends on the tool of marketing in question.

The 8 Best Marketing Tools to Elevate Your Business

There are thousands of different marketing tools and techniques to choose from. Most of them are either ineffective or a rip-off of far superior tools. Here’s a list of marketing tools that are proven to improve the way you market your brand.


Great content is useless unless it has a point. The ideal scenario for most businesses is creating memorable content that results in a lead clicking on a link and visiting your website. makes it easy to create shortened, branded links. What makes this platform stand out as one of the best marketing tools is how simple it is to navigate. You can also use this platform to take advantage of its deep mobile linking features, which are excellent for SMS marketing. To wrangle all your links,’s state-of-the-art link management platform makes this process a breeze, saving you both time and effort.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is designed to be a control center for your entire social presence. Compatible with all major social media platforms, businesses can organize their whole content calendar via a single dashboard. It also makes it easy to collaborate via its smart inbox and comes with a full suite of social media analytics tools.

3. Loomly

For smaller businesses, Loomly is the ideal platform for collaborating on content. From deadlines to workflows and built-in calendars, Loomly can do it all. It also tracks trending social media topics for more timely and relevant content creation. Loomly is incredibly affordable, which makes it ideal for small marketing agencies and one-man operations.

4. SocialPilot

Automation is all the rage, and with SocialPilot, you can add a layer of it to your social media marketing efforts. For collaborating with other businesses, SocialPilot allows you to automatically share their posts and links on your social media just by entering their URLs. You can also take advantage of integrated social media analytics and reply to messages on Facebook from the same platform. One of its coolest features is being able to download analytical reports in PDF form for formal presentation.

5. SEMRush

One of the top-rated tools for marketing via Google is SEMRush. For planning and leveraging your next SEO campaign, there’s no better option. Some of its features include:

  1.     Search relevant keywords
  2.     Analyze your competitors
  3.     Create SEO-ready webpages
  4.     Optimize your latest blogs
  5.     Get help with PPC ad campaigns

This comprehensive software covers every aspect of SEO and receives constant updates. Simply put, there’s no better option available for SEO.

6. Hotjar

Understanding user behavior is a critical aspect of marketing. Hotjar is a type of behavior analytics software that allows you to gain insights into how users behave on your sites. From visitor recordings to heatmaps, you can get a better idea of how your customers react when they hit your website. You can even add surveys to your website via Hotjar to get direct feedback about your user experience.

7. Clearbit

Reaching out to prospects relies on the quality of the information you have in front of you. Clearbit leverages more than 100 different sources, including Salesforce, to give you the latest information on your leads. Never rely on outdated or incorrect information again with a platform that refreshes its entire database once every 30 days. Now you can prospect with confidence without relying on any other marketing tools.

8. OptiMonk

Stop your customers from bouncing with targeted pop-ups on your landing pages. These personalized pop-ups emphasize showing the right message based on the behavior of the user. Standardized passive-aggressive pop-ups are ineffective and annoying. OptiMonk aims to make pop-ups an asset to your lead generation campaign. With personalization fast becoming a cornerstone of modern marketing, OptiMonk empowers you to make the transition seamlessly.
Market Better with

The best marketing tools are those that get results. These eight marketing tools all have proven track records of helping brands make it onto the cutting edge of a hypercompetitive business landscape. is key to building trust online, making your links shorter for bigger results. Get more clicks and more paying customers, sign up to for free to try it out.

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