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Upload your files securely and track downloads and pageviews. Easily share with collegues, friends and family.

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Easy File Hosting.

Upload your files securely and share them with your family & friends or collegues. Manage & customize file's parameters whenever you want. Don't want to anyone to download it anymore? No problem!

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Track and optimize.

Profiles are fully trackable and you can find out exactly how many people have visited your profiles or clicked links on your profile and where they are from.

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Trackable to the dot
Manage files.

Register now to get a free account with access to advanced features! Easily manage your files, delete or re-share them with your friends. Password protect downloads, Auto delete files, statistics, Branded Download Page and much more.

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Multiple uploads.

You may need more than one file uploaded at a given time. No problem! You can upload multiple files at once without any delay and no need to register. Thanks to our speedy servers, the file upload will be faster than ever.

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Multiple uploads