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Last updated on September 11, 2023 is a versatile platform that gives you all the tools that you need to connect with your audiences and customers. With, you get:

URL Shortener
Dynamic QR Codes
A customizable Link-in-bio page
And there's so much more you can do with customizations, integrations, and bulk link management through our API and webhooks.

Different subscription plans, from Free to PRO, offer different features.

Link management

Link management refers to the practice of organizing, monitoring, and optimizing the links on a website or within digital content to enhance user experience, search engine visibility, and overall online performance. It encompasses various aspects of hyperlink usage, including:

  1. brand and customize links
  2. track real-time click data
  3. view your top referrers and locations, for each link and for all links in aggregate
  4. Link Redirects
  5. Link Analysis
  6. Link Shortening


QR Codes QR Codes build on our link management capabilities. When you create a QR Code in, you get a downloadable, shareable, scannable image that you can use to drive traffic to your best and most relevant content.




With a Link-in-bio, you get a simple webpage that you can use to organize your most important links — perfect to share in your social media bios. Creating your Link-in-bio page is simple and easy, and we provide flexible customization options that you can use to make yours as unique as your business or brand.

Every link on your Link-in-bio page is a short link, which means you get all the tracking and performance metrics available for your short links and QR Codes.


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